Roller Coaster Project2

Topics: Mathematics, Roller coaster, Polynomial Pages: 4 (878 words) Published: March 29, 2015

Algebra 2

Project due on Monday 10/ 20 /14
( Groups of 4 students )

In real life, polynomial functions are used to design roller coaster rides. In this project, you will apply skills acquired in Unit 2 to analyze roller coaster polynomial functions and to design your own roller coaster ride.

Project Components:

Group Roller Coaster Design Final Draft.

1. Rough Sketch of your Roller Coaster.
(the x-axes and the y-axes labeled with zeroes and the y-intercept clearly labeled)

2. Report MUST be completed on a separate sheet of typed questions with answers and work for each question. (ALL 11 parts of the report MUST be labeled ! )

3. The graph showing your polynomial function on a scratch program ( You can use and take a screen shot of it, ONLY, if you cannot find another program.)

4. Group presentation, 3 min ( PowerPoint or prezi )


You decided to become a structural engineer who specializes in roller coaster design. Your job is to design your own roller coaster ride. To complete this task, please follow these steps:

The amusement park you are designing for, gave you the following coaster requirements:

1. your coaster ride must have at least 3 local minimum and / or maximums.

2. the ride length must be at least 4 minutes

3. the coaster ride starts at 250 feet

4. the ride dives below the ground into a tunnel at least once

Write your report on you Roller Coaster Design. Label each part clearly. Your work MUST be neat, organized and must appear professional. ( Typed + Rough sketch )

1. Draw a rough sketch of your "roller coaster" ride on a coordinate plane. Note: Be sure to illustrate your x-axis and y-axis scale to identify the length of the ride and the height of the ride you are designing. Make sure your design meets all the criteria listed above....
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