Roll Royce Case Study

Topics: Project management, Stakeholder analysis, Stakeholder Pages: 4 (1383 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Unit 2
Rolls Royce Corporation
Case Study 2.1

In this case I believe the key to solving Rolls Royce’s issue boils down to stakeholder management. Identifying the stakeholders along with their levels of interest and power allowance will definitely help them begin to get organized to move forward with resolving any concerns within the connected parties. Based on the fact that they have been in business for over 120 years, I believe Rolls Royce has stood the test of time. At this point I think they are a standalone company that should strive to be the leader of cutting edge technology for jet engines. “To be trusted to deliver Excellence” is their motto and I believe if they start adding partnerships that they may lose that concept along the way.

The problem facing Rolls Royce is managing its stakeholders. Being able to identify who they are, what their interest is and how much power they will have will be the key to resolving their problem. I think you first have to put a risk value on each one of them using a 1 to 5 scale with one being low risk and five being high. Once you establish the risk of doing business with each one of them you can then proceed with a stakeholder analysis. So let’s identify Rolls Royce’s Stakeholders. Among the company’s biggest stakeholders are its direct customer’s, the commercial airframe manufacturers (Boeing and Airbus), as well as defense contractors. Rolls-Royce also must work closely with national governments who subsidize their airlines by resorting to creative financing, long-term contracts, or asset-based trading deals. Rolls-Royce’s other key stakeholders are its labor force, which must be highly trained, suppliers of parts and equipment, and so forth. Each of these stakeholders presents a different situation. So how do we analyze each of these stakeholders and create a strategy for addressing their concerns. We analyze them. First you can create a stakeholder profile for each of the stakeholders which...

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