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Topics: Mind, Bus transport, White people Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: October 8, 1999
In the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry many characters took risks the two that stick out in my head the most is of papa and TJ. TJ didn’t study for a test so he wondered his eyes about until he saw some answers on a nearby classmates answer sheet. He could of suffered the consequence of failing the test and only getting into a little trouble with his parents but he got caught cheating, since he was a colored child he was thrown out of school.

Throughout this, whole novel TJ has made dozens of enemies, a lot of people wouldn’t mind to see him dead. When TJ was younger his siblings and him always got mud splashed on them by their racist bus driver, so one day during lunch the children went into the bus yard and dug a ditch the bus fell in it and the kids never got splashed again.

In the novel papa took a risk not because he thought he had to but he did it out of love. Many white people were gathered together and about to hang TJ because RW and Melvin framed him for robbing a store. Out of love for TJ Papa set the cotton field on fire to set up a distraction. The distraction worked but the novel isn’t clear on saying exactly if he lives or dies, but I think it leads more towards to TJ dying.

Many risks were taken in this novel. Almost every character took a risk some of the risks came out positive and some came out negatively. I think papa and TJ’s risks were the biggest in the novel. The scary thing about this book was that America really used to be like this, you rarely hear about it today but still happens.
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