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Omega was founded in 1848 at La Chaux- de-fonds , Switzerland by Mr. Louis Brandt at the age of 23 In 1880 his 2 sons Louis-Paul & Cesar moved the company to Bienne Since 1894 company adopted the sole name for all its watches i.e. “OMEGA”. OMEGA is the last letter of Greek alphabet it means ‘Perfection & success in the attainment of task’. Omega has a merger with Tissot in 1930 & a new perent company SSIH (societe suisse indrustrie horlogere) was created. This group eventually grew to over 50 companies including Lanco, Lemania and Hamilton etc. SSIH became the third largest producers of finished watches and movement in the world. today Omega is owned by Swatch group which is the largest producer of finished watches in the world. Apart from Omega Swatch Group is owned other brands like, Swatch, Tissot, Rado, Longines, etc


Stephen Urquhart
Stephen Urquhart, Swiss and British citizen, who studied Industrial Management at the University of Neuchâtel, has been a member of the Extended Group Management Board since 2000 and is President of Omega. Mr Urquhart began his career at Omega in 1968. From 1974 to 1997 he pursued his career with Audemars Piguet, where he became Joint Chairman and Delegate of the Board of Directors from 1989 onwards. Mr Urquhart returned to Swatch Group in 1997 as President of Blancpain Luxury Watch Industry

Luxury watch industry is completely dominated by Switzerland which contributes almost 100 percent of market value. The major exports market includes United States, France, Germany, Italy & United Kingdom. Rolex dominates the luxury watch market followed by Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier, Bulgari & Longi

Brand Strategies
Today , seven out of ten people throughout the world are familiar with the OMEGA watch brand.

Most luxury brands will integrate themselves with some projects or activities to set up their continual image

Omega watch has become the watch that wore by James Bond in 007 series movies , known as Bond’s watch.
Other ambassador are:


Global brand ambassador of Omega
Cindy Crowford has become the global brand ambassador of Omega watches , because of her Omega constellation series have become hot product & Omega watch has also opened up the huge women’s watch market rapidly.

Product Strategy
Today omega has a wide range of watches for both men & women it includes, Omega Seamaster
Omega Speedmaster
Omega Constellation
Omega De Ville
Omega Specialities

PRODUCT LINE Other than watches Omega has other products like, Jewellery, Leather Goods & Fragrance.

First watch on the moon

The Omega Speedmaster, or moonwatch selected by NASA
for all the Apollo missions.

The "Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph" was the first watch on the Moon, worn by buzz aldrin Although Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong was first to set foot on the moon, he left his 105.012 Speedmaster inside the Lunar Module as a backup because the LM's electronic timer had malfunctioned. Buzz Aldrin elected to wear his and so his Speedmaster became the first watch to be worn on the moon. Armstrong's watch is now displayed at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Aldrin's is lost. He mentions in his book, Return to Earth, that when donating several items to the Smithsonian Institution, his...
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