Roles of Hrm

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27 July 2013

In this lesson we have discussed the Roles of Human Resource Management and its functions in business today. Human Resource Management has changed greatly in the last several years. However, they still provide a rarely appreciated yet pivotal role in the overall function of an organization.

The role of the Human Resource Management Team is to suggest to the management how to manage their people in a strategic manner as business resources. They are responsible for hiring and recruiting employees, training and developing them, as well as coordinating employee benefits. In essence, Human Resource Management is the voice for the employee and hand for the employer.

Throughout this article I have found an understanding as to the importance in Human Resource Management as it is today. Without this key department in an organization, a company would have trouble maximizing employee efficiency. One of the responsibilities of the HRM is to recruit and hire the appropriate talent for any given open position within an organization; this is a very valuable service to a company that wants to be as efficient as well as profitable as possible.

As a result of this lesson, I feel that I am far better equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how the role of the Human Resource Management department within an organization works. This information will prove invaluable in whatever path I choose to take in my career. Having a better interpretation of what a company needs to survive and be as efficient as possible with its employees, will aid me in the continual growth of my Father-In-Law’s company. References

Audra Bianca (2012). The Role of Human Resource Management in Organizations. [Weblog]. Retrieved from

References: Audra Bianca (2012). The Role of Human Resource Management in Organizations. [Weblog]. Retrieved from
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