Roles And Responsibilities As A Teacher

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My Understanding of the roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

The roles and responsibilities of a teacher are far more complex than many would realise. You are never simply just someone standing at the front of a classroom delivering information about a particular subject. The role is varied and ranges from therapist, to coach, to tutor to assessor. Through the course of this assignment I will endeavour to explore the different roles and responsibilities that combine to form ‘a teacher’ I currently work as an IT Application trainer for Wiltshire Council. My role involves me writing and delivering training which is all IT based. I work in a team of 8 and we all train the Microsoft office suite of applications, off the shelf authority wide specific applications and in house bespoke systems. I work out of 6 different locations across the county and can expect to train people at all levels – job and ability. Roles

We currently live in a multicultural society, and this demands that we as trainers have to approach the role very carefully. Everyone no matter what their gender, race, religion or culture should have an equal opportunity to learn. The learning environment needs to be creative, effective and stimulate opportunities for learning that will in turn enable development and progression. We as trainers have to remember this in every aspect of our work, from initial planning through to delivery to assessment and evaluation. Tutors’ responsibility is ‘to create a good learning environment for the students and not to try to do the students learning for them’1 Important as tutors are, it is good to remember that they are not responsible for the students learning, the students are responsible for that2 Everyone learn in a different way, to quote Reece and Walker, There are unique differences in the way people learn and we must recognise this and not regard individuals as one group or body of students.3 My current role is fairly limiting in the methods I can...
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