Roles and Function of Health Care

Topics: Management, Health care, Leadership Pages: 4 (998 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Roles and Function of Health Care Mangers
Shelly Williams Hughes
HCS/325- health Care Management
Shawn Matheson
February 18, 2013


In the new health care work place everybody must respond and adapt to rapid changes in sociality, science as well as the shifting need of today’s patient(). These changes have also changed the role of health care managers. The four major functions of health care managers are organizing, planning, controlling and leading. How these functions are carried out can affect the internal and external environments of an organization. All though the health care manager is responsible for the four major functions delivery of services is his/her most important role. The most important aspect that I want to receive from taking this class is to learn and put into action the four major function of management.

Health care manager’s role is to provide work and create an environment that promotes participation, empowerment, involvement, team work flexibility, self-management and more (Lombardi & Schermerhorn). The success/outcome of a health care manager roles depend on how he/she carry out the four major functions in management. The four major functions are as followed organizing, planning, controlling and leading.

Organizing skills can be looked at as a road map to how you will get things organized. Health care managers have the task or organizing allocating resources, delegating duties, and arranging coordination of activities for individuals or groups to implement plans (Lombardi & Schermerhorn, 2007) Planning is the 3rd function .Through planning a manager recognizes the desired work results make decisions and assign task for others to achieve results that focus on the plan. Planning skills is the process of setting performance to objectives and determining what action to take to get the job done ((.Lombardi & Schermerhorn, 2007). Controlling is...
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