Roles and Behaviors Week 4 Checkpoint

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Appendix B

Roles and Behaviors

Description of Company| My company of the future will be “D & B’s Lube and Tube.” This is a business that is needed desperately in our area. It is a company that will be a drive-thru, 5 minute oil changing and also a tire repair business for automobiles and semi- trucks and trailers. It will be a 24 hour operational business as a service to local area citizens and travelers. It will be established in an area that is interstate accessible. I hope toemployee at least 10 employees and customer service and satisfaction will be the number one priority.|

Roles and Behaviors|
Entrepreneurs| The role of the entrepreneur is to be ready to supply the enterprise with energy, boldness, courage, spirit, expertise, everything that is necessary to start and grow a business.I will have a partner and as owner-operators our main role in this company will be to make sure that our managers are hired with care and that customer service and satisfaction is as important to them as it is to us. Weekly meetings with managers to keep on top of daily business and to introduce new products, ideas, and changes in procedures. Writing a mission statement and rules and regulations for the company. Expected behaviors of the entrepreneurs, is to act in a manner that reflects care and concern for all customers, no matter what, and to be visible and provide assistance to managers whenever needed. | Managers| My plan is to recruit and hire 3 managers and work 3 shifts. They will plan, organize lead, and control our employees. Managers will be responsible for their individual shifts and scheduling employee working hours, employee time off, organizing daily paperwork, inventory of products, ordering needed products in a timely manner, batch outs at the end of their shifts, monthly shift meetings with employees, and training employees, not only in the job they are hired for, but also train them on rules and regulations of...
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