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Topics: Anxiety, Employment, Individual Pages: 9 (920 words) Published: September 20, 2014
Statement of Problem:

To undergo an in-depth study about the stress among the employees in organization. To identify the factors causing stress among the employees. To identify/ suggest the coping strategies to manage stress. One of the major areas of research appears to be organizational stress in general and stresses in particular. Researchers have focused their attention on casual factors of stress, stress manifestations, moderator, coping strategies and the relaxation technique adopted by organizational participants.

Scope Of The Study
The present world is fast changing and there are lots of pressures and demands at work. These pressures at work lead to physical disorders. stress refers to individuals reaction to a disturbing factor in the environment. Hence this study would help the organization to know the factors of stress and to reduce the stress in employees. It is important for employers to identify any signs of stress among their employees early enough to prevent impacts on the organization's performance levels. This will help individuals recognize the underlying problem and seek measures to cope with it. Ultimately, it will reduce the impact of stress on organizational performance and productivity since this is a well known fact that healthy employee is a productive employee.

20th century has been regarded as the period of incredible change in human history. Philosophers and scientists has been various names to this period. Peter Drucker has called it The age of Discontinuity” John Galbraith has called it “The Age of future shock” and Hari Albrecht called it “The Age of Anxiety”.

Stress has become the 21 century buzz word. Stress is a part of day to day living of every individual. The reasons for stress may differ person to person, college student may experience stress in meeting the academic demands, people on the job and business men may suffer stress to reach office in time and to complete project on time. Stress is highly individualistic in nature some people have high levels of stress tolerance for stress and thrive very well in the face of several stressors in the environment. In fact some individuals will not perform well unless they experience a level of stress which activates and energizes then to put forth their best results. when stress is positive and includes one’s confidence and determination for the success of one’s performance to achieve desired goal, it leads towards healthy approach and optimistic attitude to the life. But when it is negative and includes one’s hopelessness for one’s performance, it carries towards the state of mental depression and makes one pessimistic

The stress people experience should not be necessarily treated as harmful. For every individual there is an optimum level of stress under which he or she will perform to full capacity. But a high level of stress can be serious threat to personality trails of individual and can cause physiological and social problem.

Stress refers to individual’s reaction to a disturbing factor in the environment or Stress is the degree of tension, anxiety and pressure experienced by a person.IT has physical and emotional effects on us. IT can create positive or negative feelings. It is an adaptive response to certain external factor or situation or what can be called environmental stimuli as reflected in an opportunity, constraint or demand the outcome of which is uncertain but important. Different situations and circumstances in our personal life and in our job produce stress. Those can be divided into factors related to the organization and factors related to the person which include his experience and personality traits. Job related factors are work overload, time pressures, poor quality of supervision, insecure political climate role conflict and ambiguity difference between company values and employee values. Person related factors are death of spouse or of a close friend, family problems,...
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