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Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
“Loyalty Counts”
S.Y. 2012-2013
(LOYALTY binds Friendship)

Prepared by:
Teacher Jean Albie T. Balais
Class Adviser

------ (Sing Adventure Time Theme song)---------------

•Narrator: Finn and Jake are having tea with Princess Bubblegum when a horrible witch came. Finn: (with a sword) What do you want evil witch?
Witch: I just want to read your future--- I dreamed about you last night and I’m here to give you a prophesy. Princess Bubblegum: Don’t believe in him Finn.
Jake: I guess there’s no harm in that. Just listen to her bro. Witch: Yes, this dog is right. You just have to listen to me. Besides, I am just here to help. Finn: Okay, what is it that you want to tell me?

Witch: Give me your hand and I will read your future. . . (She will take the hand of Finn and dance in a creepy music) Witch: Here is the prophesy… Wait for it… (clasp of thunder sound) “Unfortunate is he to meet death in expense of a friend” (Repeat twice) Jake: What do you mean by that?

Witch: That means, Finn is going to die because of his best friend. Who is his best friend anyway? Jake: (raises his hands) Me. . .
Witch: Wahahahahahaha! Good luck you two! ( witch rides on her broomstick and fly away laughing) Finn: No! Wait! Come back!
Jake: Forget that witch Finn. You cannot trust her.
Princess Bubblegum: How could we prevent that from happening? Jake: Don’t tell me, you also believe her princess?
Finn: I am going to die Jake! Because of you! (and strangles Jake) Princess Bubblegum: Stop it, you two! You are friends! You don’t want to break your friendship because of that silly prophesy, do you? Finn: Princess Bubblegum, since I will die soon ------ I should make a confession! (Romantic background song)

Finn: Jake! (points at Jake to get a flower)
Jake: Oh! (Gets a flower and hands it to Finn)
Finn: The truth is… Princess…(sprays breath freshener) I love you! I love you Princess Bubblegum! (Finn pouts his lips and motioning it towards Princess Bubblegum’s face) -----(romantic music: TRUE)------

Princess B: (slaps Finn ) It is not because you are about to die that you already have the right to kiss me! Where are your manners Finn? (goes away) Finn: No! Princess Bubblegum wait!
-------(Sad Music)-----
Jake: (pats Finn’s back) It’s okay bro. She was just shocked! That’s all. Finn: It’s all your fault! Now Princess Bubblegum doesn’t like me anymore! And.. and next.. I will die! (crying with so much drama) Jake: Finn…

Finn: You go away! I don’t want to see you anymore!
Jake: But Finn.. We’re friends…
Finn: I don’t want to be your friend! Go! It’s better that we stay away from each other.. . by that I won’t die! Go away! (and pushes Jake). Jake: I never thought… (did not continue talking and just run away crying).

•Narrator: Finn was so sad about what had happened and sat under a near by tree. Then suddenly, Marceline came. . . ( Marceline enters the scene in a very girly manner) Finn: Marceline!
Marceline:Hey Finn! Come join me with this song… (with her guitar singing “Daddy why did you eat my fries”)--([after the song she will then sing this…] You’ll die but you don’t have to cry coz I’m here so don’t lie. You just pushed Jake and put him away. Oh! How silly now you’re lonely… Finn: You saw everything didn’t you?

Marceline: Ahuh! Eveything. . .
Finn: What shall I do Marce? I want Jake to stay but I also don’t want to die. Marce: That’s a very hard decision to make Finn. Actually, you just pushed and shouted at him. Where is our Loyalty kid? Finn: Marce? Marceline! (Finn had a bright idea!)

Marceline: What?
Finn: Marce, you can help me! You can help me! (very happy and holding the hand of Marceline) Marceline: How?
Finn: (motioned his neck towards Marce) Bite me Marce! Bite me! Marce: Huh? Why do I have to do that?
Finn: So that I will become a vampire. And I will not die! I will live! Forvever! Marceline: Oh Finn. . . You know I don’t drink human blood. I just drink...
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