Role Play Exercise

Topics: Sport, Every Little Thing Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Sales Scenarios - Assume that Xian is a new hired outdoor sales executive for company Lennon Design which provide one stop solution for T-shirt and Uniforms supply. We get an introduction from our existing customer who name Ms Ong that her friend Ms Lim factory have a sports day event by next two month. Now Xian had appointment with the purchases in-charge person Ms Lim, try to approach her to purchases our product to her event uniform.

Xian:" Hi Ms Lim, I am Xian from Lennon Design, nice to meet you (Handing business card and a company prepared free gift t-shirt to Ms Lim), You friend Ms Ong introducing me that you are interested to order t-shirt for your company sports day event by the next two month."  Ms Lim:" Hello Mr Xian, nice to meet you too (opening the t-shirt plastic) Woo, nice design for this t-shirt, it is free to me? Xian:" Yup, this t-shirt special deserve to you for free and this t-shirt is design from my company, you may see the quality for our product too." Ms Lim:" Thanks you, I like it very much. Well, we haven't made decision for the t-shirt use at the day of events, but we had no much idea for choosing the new t-shirt, any suggestion Mr. Xian?" Xian:" Yes, May I know how many pieces t-shirt and the budget for per pieces t-shirt you wish to order in this activity? Ms Lim:" Emm...If consider the previous events experience, we need around 500-600 pieces red colour plain t-shirt with my company logo and my company have enhance the budget for this events to have a better benefit to our staff, we were set the T-shirt budget in RM30 per pieces." Xian:" Okay, Do you tell me about the title for this events or got previous event t-shirt sample?" Ms Lim:" Sure, we will held the badminton competition in sports day and the supplier before supplier us the cotton round neck, this is the sample of t-shirt.( Ms Lim pass the sample to Xian ) Xian:" I see, this sample isn't suitable for sports activity. Do you satisfy with this t-shirt? " Ms Lim:"...
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