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Title: You at your friend’s birthday party. Suddenly someone catches your attention and you would really like to know this person. Approach him/her and start a conversation. Situation: Charmaine had been study in England for 3 years, and today is her best friend, Jiaying birthday, so she decided to come back Malaysia to attend her birthday party. During the time, a person who called Derrick also come back from England too. Derrick is the one who was catches Charmaine attention due to his voice, and Charmaine would really like to know about this person, Derrick. Characters:

1. Ng Jia Ying- Jiaying, Captain Ng
2. Khor Hui Yen- Charmaine
3. Derrick Tan- Derrick

(Inside the airplane)
Captain: Attention to all passenger, I am Captain Ng. We will be reach in Penang International Airport after 10 minutes , the air temperature is 30 degree celsius and the time is 6.30 am , wish everyone have a nice day and thank you so much for choosing our airplane. Charmaine: Yes!! , Finally I am going to reach Penang , I had been sit almost 20 hours. I am missing my family very much and my bosom friend ,Jiaying , it has been 3 years we never meet each other. Today is her birthday , I am so excited to see her. (On the other hand, Derrick is also in the airplane but they do not know each other) Derrick: It has been a long time I never go back my home town , this time I have to relax myself enjoy my one week holiday.

(Airplane have been arrived Penang International Airport)
Charmaine: (take a deep breath)Penang , I am back!!!!
(Charmaine’s phone suddenly ring)
Jiaying: Hello, Is Charmaine there?
Charmaine: Yes. I am. Jiaying right? I miss you so much. I just arrived the airport. Jiaying: I miss you too, Charmaine! I feel very happy that you can attend my birthday party!! Tonight we must have a great night , remember reach my house at 7pm ok? I had been move to new house , later I will send you the address . Charmaine: Ok , no problem . I want to see whether you have become fat or not. Jiaying: Sure , but I think you will be disappointed because I am still slim as 3 years before. Remember to be punctual. (laughing) (While Charmaine is walking , suddenly her thing has falling down) Charmaine: Oh my god , my things are falling down the floor , wait me for awhile , let me pick up my things first. (At This Moment, Derrick pass by and give Charmaine a hand)

Derrick: Let me help you (smiling) .
Charmaine: Thank you for helping me.
Derrick: You are welcome , have a nice day.
(Derrick has go away…)
Jiaying: Are you ok? Have you pick up your things? Just now I heard that you talking with someone else. Who is that? Charmaine: I don’t know him, he just give me a hand pick up my things. Jiaying: What a kind person is . See you tonight ya, I still have many thing need to prepare. Bye ~

Derrick’s House
Derrick: Finally I reach home , home is always the most comfortable. (While Jia Ying is playing facebook , suddenly she saw her best friend Derrick are coming back to penang , so she immediately call him) (Derrick phone ring..)

Derrick: Hello, who is that?
Jiaying: Hey guy, it have been a long time doesn’t meet up with you , I saw you check-in location on facebook , and I’m the one who know you are back, right?!! Can you recognise my sound, Mr. Derrick? Derrick: Hmmm. You are Jiaying!! Wow~ you always surprise me. It is really a long time we do not meet each other since I go to England. How are you? Jiaying: Yes, I am fine . You are so clever , choose a right timing to come back hometown! Hehe. Derrick: (feeling confuse) , What do you mean? Right timing? Jiaying: Do you know today is what day? Mr Derrick.

Derrick: (start thinking).. Oppss~! Today is your big day!! Right? How dare I forget about your birthday. I need to prepare a present for you. Jiaying: Haha , nevermind. No need to buy a present for me. I just want you to attend my party...
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