Role of E-Recruitment to Large Companies and Advantages to Employer

Topics: Human resource management, Employment, Recruitment Pages: 2 (275 words) Published: November 26, 2008
Role of E-Recruitment to Large Companies
Large Companies
1. Developing a Proper Network
It is very hard to have best employee since there is shortage of high capability people in the market. Organizations can carry out ongoing contact with candidates that are qualified through this method if recruitment. As a result, an organization able to have a dynamic a collection of high capability people.

2. Improving Corporate Image
Jobseekers mostly like to visit organization’s website and this has made large or multi national companies to give great attention in increase their corporate image. this is due to it will given them energetic image. Following this, the organization provide in detail about its company policies and human resources management such as rewards, career progression, and as well as training.

Advantages of E-Recruitment to Employer
1. Effective and efficient
Effective in finding suitable applicants and efficient in utilizing their resources where costs of E-recruitment are cheaper compare with other non-electronic recruitment sources.

2. An increase in the number of applicant
Provides high chance to find suitable candidates from unlimited number of job seekers.

3. Obtain huge and qualified candidate
High quality candidates can be found. it is believed that mostly applicants through the Internet are more literate compare to non-user.

4. Cost-effective
Publishing vacancies in website of company is less expensive than newspaper, job fairs, and mail. This creating financial savings.

5. Increase company’s image
Especially when the company building a corporate recruitment site. this will attract more applicants.

6. Reach the global target
Internet has no boundaries. A company can reach the global target through E-recruitment.
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