Role of a Manager

Topics: Management, Marketing, Organization Pages: 13 (3906 words) Published: May 31, 2013
The prime-requisite roles of Managers in modern Organizations

Nadir Ali Kolachi
Bahria University, Karachi, Pakistan


The Organizations are in the search of intellectual business ambassadors for different departments to promote the status of the organization through their strategic inquisitiveness to compete with the competitors and fascinate customers towards the products and services they offer. The traditional definition of management as an ability to get work done through other people seems to be a different than something based on today’s technological miracles. In today’s age, the concept of management as an ability to equip with machines that has flexibility of faster adoption and innovations of best fit nature for the KINGS (Customers) is much demanded. Such demand side concept has pressurized managers to formulate effective strategies for the development of modern corporations. This paper develops two basic models for manager’s guidelines. The first model refers to micro level managerial capability while the last one covers all areas of all managers to cope up with today’s threats specially marketing, management and IT in particular. This paper further explores the responsibilities and roles of modern managers specially Marketing Managers, HR Managers, IT Managers and Finance Managers. The paper also focuses on the comparative analysis of four managers with reference to modern organizational perspectives.

Moreover, this paper comprises on five major sections: First part is about the Introduction and general discussion on Management. Second is about the managerial roles and modern concepts of responsibilities, Third is regarding the development of modern models to provide the main concept of the research paper, Fourth is about the major drivers which managers need to be cautious in driving the companies to the right direction, Fifth part focuses on the research methodology, recommendations, conclusion and some relevant references & bibliography. Key words: Management, Managerial roles and Modern Organizations


Today millions of people around the world hold managerial positions. Some philosophers argue that management exists when some one pursues another, some believes that it is an ability to get work done through other peoples while others think that it is a distinct process, a set of ongoing and coordinated activities that managers engage in as they pursue the organizational goals and managers are those who actively participate and strive to promote the status of that organization and themselves. Managing workforce effectively is one of the prime tasks of today’s HR managers and this is considered as one of the backbone of any organization. The human element has always been in an utmost importance. The traditional theory of firms postulates that only those firms which maximize corporate performance will survive and those that do not will be eliminated (Alchian A., 1950). Moreover, modem management augments our vision which is defined as the process of achieving organizational goals through management functions in much effective manner than competitors.

More over, today's managers of various organizations are some time very much befuddled due to the great challenges of different resources such as raw material, people, information, fast changing technology and money which are needed for all organizations to produce goods or services. The utmost goal of any organization is to prosper and earn enough money by applying better business models to attract customers and recognized motivational theories to lead employees to put their efforts for the ultimate objectives of the company. Money is one of the important factors for organizational value; it gives room to fulfill some other sub-values. While making strategies for moving companies to right direction is based on three useful sub goals, create customer value, differentiate our offering from those of...
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