Role of Youth Prime Minister

Topics: Poverty, Poverty in the United States, Poverty threshold Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: July 26, 2014
Good morning, Excellence’s, ladies and gentlemen. It is a great pleasure for me to be here today because it is not only a topic that interests me greatly but has been, in many ways, a focus of the country’s political progressions. Playing the role of a Youth Prime Minister I would like to emphasize the attention of the jury towards some very immediate steps to curb the ailments. Prime Minister addressing the nation:

With the world at a critical juncture in the lead-up to the elaboration of the post-2015 development agenda, poverty eradication, social integration and employment must play a pivotal role in Nation building. The need to strengthen the socio-capital existing in poor communities must be adequately addressed, emphasizing also the need to further mainstream sustainable development at all levels, integrating its economic, social and environmental aspects and recognizing inter-linkages so as to achieve sustainable development in all its dimensions. Meanwhile, we are deploying increasing resources for education and training as well as providing health care and sanitation, basic elements contributing to poverty eradication, employment creation and social integration. “Despite the progress made on uplifting the living standards of our peoples, there are still enormous challenges to overcome, The food crisis and the global economic and financial crisis had had a negative impact on the gains made in the country. Addressing those issues required policy-level action targeting such areas as education, science and technology, infrastructure, basic and financial services, and connectivity. Implementing those types of policy interventions — and bolstering global cooperation to help countries and regions make progress in health and education, especially for rural areas — could significantly reduce the gap between developed and disadvantaged areas. Poverty:

“Working together towards a world without discrimination: Building on the experience and knowledge of people...
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