role of youth in promoting communal harmony in india

Topics: Religion, Politics, Sikhism Pages: 2 (1055 words) Published: August 13, 2014
Role of Youth in promoting Communal harmony in India
Posted by SujataParashar on March 7, 2013 in News · 0 Comments When my son was about six his classmate asked him about his religion. My son could not answer him as that was the first time someone had asked him that question. He did not know what his religion was. For that matter he did not know the meaning of the word. But he was curious about it and so after returning from School that day he asked me the same question: ‘what is my religion, Mom?’ Instead of replying to him immediately I made him sit and asked him about his day at school and during our conversation gently probed why he wanted to know about it. Once I learnt the exact reason, I explained him the meaning of the term in the simplest of ways and told him that if anyone asks him about it again to tell them that; he is an Indian. He listened to my explanation, nodded quietly and left it at that. I wasn’t sure whether my son had understood or accepted my explanation. But  to my surprise I learnt that he had registered it well. And even now when he has learnt through his text books that India is a multi – cultural, multi – lingual and a multi – religious country and that many of his friends belong to different communities and follow different religions, whenever he has been asked by anyone about it, he has sincerely informed them that he is an Indian. I share the above personal experience just to highlight that the understanding and attitudes of our children (and youth) play a crucial role in shaping the future of the country. It is important that from a young age they learn and imbibe the “unity in diversity” spirit — which is the essence of our nation. In fact, our history is replete with examples where so many of our Kings, Emperors and even the invaders and colonial rulers divided us in the name of religious and communal differences. On the other hand, we also have countless examples of great kings who remained secular in their views and actions...
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