Role of Youth

Topics: Sociology, The Time, Participation Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Role of Youth: Analysing the participation of the youth in understanding family integration and community development

Lack of participation of the youth in community development and family integration may lead to poor skills and characteristics. Community development helps the youth a lot in working their skills, building their character and communicating with others to have a good relationship. Family integration makes the youth more confident c

Generally, this topic focuses on the lack of participation of the youth in community development and family integration. Specifically, this topic aims to show these problems; * Lack of communication and awareness of opportunities (Felix, 2003) * Turf issues among organizations competing for youth participants (Felix, 2003) * Lack of diversity, and adultism or the systematic mistreatment of young people simply because of their age. (Felix, 2003) * Youth fear of speaking out (Felix,2003)

* Lack of time (Sherrod, Flanagan, & Youniss, 2002)
* Not being sure of the benefits of their contributions (Israel, Coleman, & Ilvento, 1993) As youth are brought into community organizations and civic roles that they have traditionally been excluded from, they can participate in local decision-making at multiple levels. This collaboration leads to skill enhancement, confidence building, and ownership that prepare them as they navigate toward adulthood. All of these can be achieved through participating in activities that pursue community development and family integration. Lacking of participation is seen form the youth. Lack of participation in family integration and community development may lead to a lot of conflict in the society. Communication is the best way to build a relationship with the community and with the family. In this way, the youth can easily participate and contribute to the developments made by the community. The family will serve as a great motivation for the youth to participate...
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