Role of Women in Creating Communal Harmony and National Integration

Topics: Religion, Sociology, Self-help groups for mental health Pages: 5 (1503 words) Published: November 20, 2010
“UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”. The human being is a social animal and in order to increase the probability of survival the humans form groups. This is how great civilizations are being formed and the survival of the human race continues. But the groups whether small, medium or large are not free from conflicts and tensions both internal as well as external. These conflicts have a positive connotation along with a negative connotation of risking the existence of the group or society under consideration. The positive aspect of such conflicts is that it provides a necessary push to change the group`s organization, interactions, relationships etc for better adaptation to the changing environment. This will help in developing harmony within the group and would also increase the group cohesion so that the group would be able to face strongly, the impinging challenges of the dynamic environment. In the absence of such harmony and integration the chances of survival of the group in the long run, get reduced.

The need for integration of the society cannot be undermined. A society (especially a diverse society) will contain many smaller groups organized on different criteria like religion, economic, caste, political, ideological, gender, geographical etc, which creates a paradoxical situation. In such a situation there is a confusion regarding which identities are to be strengthened whether it would be the societal identity that includes all groups or the local group identities. On the face, it seems developing local group identity could create problems in the integration of the society as a whole and encouraging societal integration by highlighting national identities may prevent the local group cohesion leading to conflicts in both the cases. This is seen in many communal conflicts in which the desire to spread one`s religious ideology, considering it as superior, has precipitated clashes within different religious groups of a society. But there is also another perspective to it i.e. both the identities can be simultaneously strengthened provided the efforts are made in harmonious development of national and local identities. The efforts are to be put in the mutual resolution of conflicts in a peaceful manner. This will provide a major boost to development of social integration and communal harmony in the society.

There are many ways to create social integration and communal harmony in the society. In all the ways it’s the members of the society who has to play an important role in creation of an integrated and harmonious society. The leaders of many sub groups within the society and their followers need to take a broader perspective while enhancing their narrow group interests. The followers of different religion should develop tolerance for people of other religion and must be able to see the basic human aspect of all the religion. The development of an ability, to accept the differences with other members of larger society belonging to different groups , will go a long way in preventing communal clashes as well as boost national integration.

The role of women in this regard becomes important as they are the ones who takes the maximum responsibility of upbringing of the child during the child`s formative years of life. These early years of child`s life are crucial for the mental development (including attitudes and prejudices) of the child. Therefore it’s the women, who could develop sound mental health among children who would become the future citizens. The secular values (like tolerance, respect of others etc) inculcated in these formative years among children prove to be a deciding factor in the child`s development in later years. It also depends upon the continuous learning which the mother provides to the children throughout its initial learning stage as well as moral and emotional support from mother which makes the child feel secure, thereby reducing the tendencies of developing aggression towards other...
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