Role of Women in Colonies

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Native Americans in the United States, School Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: January 22, 2013
2.) Explain the role that women played in the colonies in your own words. Women were not as highly respected as men in the colonies. They were denied higher education and their ultimate task was to bear and raise children for their husbands. Women were almost treated as items. The only respectable option for women at that time was marriage. They were thought of as weak compared to men. Women also worked on the farms. Without them, the farm could not survive. They made cloth, garments, candles, soap, and bread stuffs. In the South plantation, women were successful as merchants or storekeepers when their husbands were gone. Some women became printers, publishers, druggists, and doctors. Even so, most women in the colonies did not live to their fullest potential. 3.) Why did conflicts develop between Native Americans and the settlers? Conflicts over land developed between Native Americans and the settlers. The Natives took up most of the land because they moved from place to place. They did not have a set territory. They were like “foxes and wild beasts…” Colonist said “so it is lawful now to take a land which none useth; and make use of it.” Europeans believed that land was essential for a society to progress. On the other hand, Native American viewed the land as a resource to be used and left unchanged. Because of this fight over land and misunderstanding of cultures, colonists justified wars against the Native Americans. 4.) What role did the Great Awakening play in religious toleration? The Great Awakening played a major role in religious toleration. Puritan ministers began to preach sermons that warned of the dangers of hell. As a result from this, new churches sprang up. The diversity of churches helped to make religious toleration even more essential. New colleges such as Princeton, Brown, Rutgers, and Dartmouth were also a part of this revival.

5.) Explain how (a) education evolved in Massachusetts, (b) in the Middle and Southern...
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