Role of Women Executives in Banks

Topics: Bank, Cheque, Gender Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: July 28, 2013

Indian Banking system has not only made rapid strides in net work expansion but it itself has undergone a complete and never-dreamt of transformation in its very avowed objectives, approaches, and scale of operations. Technology has indeed played a significant role in this seachange. Nationalisation of banks in two spells in 1969 and 1980 was a watershed in the annals ofbanking sector in India. Banks were required to saunter along a new path untrodden so long. Instead of remaining as mere mobilisers of deposits and purveyors of credit, they began to be used as catalysts for bringing about socio- economic transformation of our country- a goal considered hitherto to be outside the banking arena. Class banking yielded place to mass banking. The spectacular branch expansion, increased credit flow to the hitherto neglected sectors, purpose - oriented lending in place of security-oriented lending, promotion of growth of small and medium industries and so on are the major off-shoots of bank nationalization which, in turn, called for a thorough change in the attitude and functioning of bank executives. With the stupendous change in the outlook of the Indian society, girls were allowed to pursue education, resulting in turnout of not merely graduates and post graduates, but even technical graduates. This resulted in women seeking jobs to supplement their family income and to enjoy more comforts of life. In short, increasing women literacy, growing economic pressure, and the burning desire to gain economic and social independence are pushing womenfolk to take up gainful career.The phenomenal growth of banks has created massive employment opportunities for the educated unemployed youths of our nation. The women job-seekers find jobs in banks more attractive and more suitable to their nature. Banks also were not only not averse to taking them but even welcomed their entry because women have certain innate traits which fit in...
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