Role Of Witches In Macbeth

Topics: Macbeth, Three Witches, Macbeth of Scotland, Duncan I of Scotland, William Shakespeare, King Duncan / Pages: 2 (277 words) / Published: Mar 10th, 2016
The PostSecret that I have is “Toying with human lives is what I enjoy” and it is said by the witches from Shakespeare's play Macbeth. This PostSecret that I’ve made demonstrates who my character is, as witches do not like humans as it is described in Act 1, scene 3 when the sailor’s wife is eating chestnuts and the witch describes her as a “rump-fed ronyon” (I,iii, 8), which is quite insulting. This shows that the witches are cruel to humans as they use negative connotations and hurtful language to describe humans. The reason why the witches feel that they’re enjoying such activity is proven in the same act where the First Witch tells the other witches to “perform [their] antic round,” (IV, i, 141) and said that their “duties did welcome

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