Role of the Woman in the Renaissance Period

Topics: Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, Florence Pages: 3 (1194 words) Published: June 25, 2013
The Role of a Woman in the Renaissance Period:
The role of women in the Renaissance Period was very limited. Their role mainly involved getting married and having children (Skoolproj). Manning the household was a major responsibility of women (Skoolproj). During this time, women were thought to belong to their fathers or husbands (“Women in the Renaissance”). It was clear that men were the money makers and women were the mothers and housewives (“Women in the Renaissance”). Some women in the Renaissance Era were able to work; however, they were usually paid less than men for doing the same job. Since this was the case many women were unemployed (Skoolproj). This was a way for men to remain dominate over women and to dictate where they would live and how they would live their lives (“The Role of Women in the Renaissance"). If a woman did work in a real job other than the farms and around the house, they were usually a widower or divorcee (Skoolproj). Women of lower class were housewives and were responsible for taking care of everything around the house (Cloud). Women who were of middle class helped with their husband’s business and worked there as well (Cloud). Those who were considered upper class sometimes had servants but they also had to take care of their house themselves (Cloud). Young ladies often married as early as age 13 (“Women in the Renaissance”). These girls usually married a man who was a lot older than she (“Women in the Renaissance”). The parents of this girl had to provide the man money or property to marry their daughter (“Women in the Renaissance”). The “payment” determined the status of the marriage (“Women in the Renaissance”). Those women who could not marry or didn’t have money had to become nuns or had to find work. Most of these women worked on farms (Skoolproj). They were considered household servants. Women who were considered poor sometimes couldn’t get married until she and her husband had enough money to get a house and...

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