role of the human resources manager in an organization

Topics: Interview, Human resource management, Decision making Pages: 6 (2387 words) Published: May 22, 2014
Executive Summary
This report is the result from an informational interview with a professional of Human resources management with a minimum of five years experience in the field. An informational interview is an interview which allows a student or career changer to ask questions to someone working in the field he/she is interested in. The purpose of this informational interview was to gather more information regarding Human Resources Management, the experience of the interviewee and the company under which the interviewee is working for. Jennifer Horne is HR manager generalist, and the interviewee. She is the HR manager of Krug Inc and she has been doing the HR job for six years already. This informational interview was an opportunity for me to improve my communication skills with a professional; to know how people in this field are doing and gain knowledge that I will help in my resume. It was also an opportunity to know some of the challenges encountered by the HR department within an organization example keeping the employee engaged and motivated. Moreover, the informational interview helped me to have a better understanding of the future of the HR; and also know more about Krug Inc which is one of the Canada’s largest manufacturing company.

An Informational Interview is a meeting in which a job seeker asks for career and industry advice rather than employment. The job seeker uses the interview to gather information on the field, and to find employment leads and expand their professional network. The informational interview was held on March 27, 2014 at Krug Inc Manitou drive Kitchener. It was a face to face interview. The interview lasted for 15 minutes. This is because the interviewee was so busy. However these few minutes were useful because I succeeded to have some important information concerning the HR and the ways to get experience in the HR field. During this interview the interviewee answered all the questions that I asked her in a professional manner. Her answers were reflecting her experience in the job. She was feeling very comfortable and confident. I learned more about the contribution of the HR department in the achievement of the company’s mission and goals.

Opening paragraph
Jennifer Horne is the HR manager of Krug Inc. She is HR manager generalist. She has a HR certificate. From the time she was doing her certification the degree was not required. The degree was required from 2011. Jennifer’s first job was in 2005 as administrator of human resources; then she got a couple of contracts in small companies and then she got this one. Through these jobs she developed a good personality and experience. The experience she had with small companies helped her to get this job at Krug. According to Jennifer Horne, there are some aspects of HR that are not taught in school but she learned through experience for example how to counsel the employee. When an employee comes to her, she shuts down everything and hears about the employee’s concerns because employees are her priority. As advice for the new comers in the HR field, Jennifer says that we should not look only for high positions because we do not have experience. She suggested to newcomers to start with short work opportunities (3-6 months). Additionally, she said that we, new comers, should consider jobs which are proportional to our skills but not above because if we want jobs which are above our skills we won’t get them. In others words, we should start by the entry level position. Hartman Krug was a cabinetmaker of Germany heritage. He founded Krug Inc in 1880. He started his business in Berlin and Kitchener. He was producing upholstered office chairs and carved residential furniture. Krug‘s attention to detail and quality was the force behind its popularity within Canada. Krug goal is to create an elegant and lasting product. In 1930’s, krug was producing office and contract chairs and tables...
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