Role of the Engineer

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Role of the Engineer

Martin Stanners – CAD Design Engineer and Mechanical Design Engineer, BAE Systems

Section A
Introduction to the Company
BAE Systems is a world renowned global defence, security and aerospace company with approximately 107,000 employees worldwide. The Company delivers a full range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, BAE Systems is the predominant supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence, being the only company to receive more than £1 billion from the MoD in 2004/2005.

(Fig. 1 Typhoon combat aircraft) (Fig. 2 Challenger 2 Tank)

BAE Systems at Birtley
The factory at Birtley is part of the land systems and munitions sector of BAE Systems. They design and manufacture various different munitions and explosive shells, for example 105mm, 155mm, 120mm ammunition as well as 80mm mortar ammunition. These products are manufactured using both manual and automated processes. Examples of automated procedures used include robotics and CNC machines. An example of a manual skill used in the production stages at the Birtley factory is dye pen testing. All of these products are only partly finished when they leave the factory at Birtley. This is because they are shipped to a southern UK factory where the explosives are fitted into the shells. Both the manufacturing and design stages of these products go on at Birtley. Background Information on the Engineer, Martin Stanners

Martin Stanners is a multi-skilled engineer. He is both a CAD design engineer and a mechanical design engineer. He works in the design department at the BAe Systems factory at Birtley. Martin has been a design engineer for eight years, working for five years with Vickers and three with BAE. Overall he has been an engineer for 29 years. Martin became an engineer through an apprenticeship when he was a teenager and has been in the engineering sector ever since. The main qualification Martin has achieved is a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Engineering Technologies. Activities Undertaken by Martin Stanners in the Design of the Engineered Product Martin has three key roles as well as a number of other responsibilities in BAE Systems. Each of his roles entails several activities related to developing and producing a new engineered product. I shall go into more detail of these roles and their associated activities further down. 1. CAD Design Engineer and Mechanical Design Engineer

2. Trials Engineer
3. Project Manager
4. Other responsibilities

1. CAD Design Engineer and Mechanical Design Engineer
In this role Martin takes on a range of activities. He works on a single project at any given time, within a small team of design engineers, designing projectile components using a 3D CAD package. A full-size prototype is manufactured based on the team’s final design and this is tested at a firing range. Once BAE Systems are satisfied with the new design’s capabilities, he converts it into a series of 2D drawings which form the basis on which the new product will be manufactured. More specifically, the first stage of the process involves Martin and his team receiving a brief from their superiors. This is currently a project given to BAE Systems by the MoD which involves designing and manufacturing a projectile for use with the Challenger 2 Tank. After the briefing each team member, including Martin, is allocated a task to complete, related to the project. His specific task consists of producing a series of designs in the form of 3D drawings of a single component of the new projectile. In order to produce these he uses a sophisticated CAD system. However Martin does not have free reign regarding what he designs as he has to take into account certain constraints. For example the projectile has to be used in a pre-existing piece of equipment (i.e. the Challenger 2 Tank); it has to meet the client’s specifications, in this case the MoD;...
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