Role of the Computers and the Internet in the Call Centre Industry

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Role of the Computers and the Internet in the Call Centre Industry Previous Presentation
In the Mid-Term presentation I gave an overlook on the call centre industry, it’s meaning, its work. And I explained the role of the Computers and then the Internet in the call centre industry.
And In this presentation I will explain the call centre softwares that are used and the many features of it and the advantages and disadvantages of a call centre.

* Cal Centre Softwares.
* Advantages and Disadvantages of a Call Centre.
* Conclusion.
* References.
Software Name| Definition| Functions|
TeamMax | OutBound | The TeamMax Server coordinates the dial records sent to and from the TeamMax Agent software and checks a Do Not Call list before sending the agent the dial record number to call. Each agent is sent one dial record at a time to call. They dial out via a modem at the click of a button, can read from a script window and make notes of outcomes in a range of dial record fields. At the end of the call they either get the next dial record or just finish the last call which saves the dial record details and stops the timing of the call. Call backs are automatically requeue to be given back out to agents at the appropriate time.| • Manage calling lists in a centralized database • Manage do not call lists in a centralized database

• Allocate one telephone number at a time to each agent
• Ensure do not call telephone numbers are not called
• Call outcome and detail management
• Automatic demand dialing from each agent’s computer
• Preview dialing option
• Customize agent screens
• Multiple campaigns with their own script
• Performance reporting
• Call management, analysis, statistics
• Low cost hardware requirement
• Many more features |
CallAssist | OutBound | CallAssist is a telemarketing call center phone dialer that makes it easy to manage calling thousands of people. It is a modem based dialer that allows a single or group of telemarketing operators to quickly make a large number of outbound calls. It's ideal for assisting those in small call centers or the telemarketer working by themself with their telemarketing campaigns. Also great for market research due to its flexibility in recording call outcomes.| • Increase productivity • Demand dialing at the press of one button

• Fast and accurate, never mis-dials
• Supports multiple campaigns
• Import a list of telephone numbers into a campaign
• Manage do not call lists
• Supports FTC DNC import file format
• Requeue numbers in the call list with one click
• Assign a time to call a number back later
• Record a range of responses to questions you ask
• Ability to play a pre-recorded message to voice mail
• Ability to record the conversation
• Low cost hardware requirement
• Many more features|
Telemarketing Script Management - KnowledgeMax| KnowledgeMax Script Manager is a knowledge base telemarketing script software solution designed to make managing responses to common questions more productive and efficient. KnowledgeMax Script Manager allows you to setup a group of telemarketing scripts and assign associated topics to that group including the functionality to link topics across multiple groups. Each topic has a description that could be a question or objection and then a response that suggests how to reply to the question or objection.| • Allows you to have multiple scripts • Associates a group of topics to scripts

• Icon links to each script
• Topics can detail products or services
• Topics can list common questions
• Topics can list common objections
• Allows you to link one topic to another
• Description text for topics
• Response memo for topics
• Related topics will be displayed
• Clicking on a topic to read a suggested response displayed| Auto Dialer - Acarda Messenger | This software automatically phones a list of people and plays them a sales message about your product...
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