role of stakeholders

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Role of Stakeholder
The stakeholders are the key assets in the wealth and growth of an organization. It is important that the knowledge and power of influence the stakeholders have on the quality management process is noted. Implementation and quality of the work in the management process, requires the developments in the cultures quality based upon the need and expectations of the stakeholders. The identifier groups that are known as stakeholders are also known by rights, ownership and interests of the organization and the activities of the organization. The managing of the stakeholders and the pronouncement of needs, allows for success while implementing the quality in the management of processes. The level in which the stakeholder takes in the quality management process varies dependent on the degree of ownership control. It is important to understand how project management and senior leadership work together and understand what it is the stakeholders require when integrating and pulling together a business model while at the same time adding value to the self-regulation of the organization. It is the project management team who is responsible for the implementation of quality in process management. The stakeholder’s responsibility is to help guide, ensure and monitor organizations efforts while adhering to regulation and the legal and ethical responsibilities of the corporate organization. The success within an organization is dependent on the degree of loyalty and satisfaction of a company and what the company could regenerate from consumers, stakeholders, and the employee’s deliverance of the product. The importance of collaboration of stakeholders in the participation and collaboration of team building is essential for quality management success. Organizational ExamplesQuality management at American Foods Group is essential in the success of this organization. With experience in the planning processes in the whole production arena, I know firsthand what...

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