Role of Social Media on Activism and Revolution

Topics: Sociology, Social media, Barack Obama Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Janessa Suarez
Prof. Mooney
ENC 1102
1 February 2013
Role of Social Media in Activism and Revolution
According to Jeffrey Strain, “Can a click make a difference in the world? By itself, probably not, but when combined with tens and even hundreds of thousands of other clicks, it may just have an impact”. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have changed the way people interact all across the globe. We depend on these social networks to seek information and communicate with one another. With these social networks, people from all across the world are able to find out about any ongoing events or incidents by just a click of a button. Individuals can use these social networks to increase awareness of events and get their information across to friends, family and even strangers. Even though people believe we depend too much on the Internet, social media should be used because it benefits us and those around us.

For starters, social media, such as YouTube, changes public awareness. It gives people a chance to view tragedies and help make a difference to those who have been affected by them. For example, there is a video called “Bully”, which is a documentary about kids all over the world who are bullied today. It’s a form of activism because through this video, which can be found on YouTube, people from all over the world can become aware of this problem and help change their and others’ behavior. As Monika Hathaway says, “The fundamental problem and benefit is that the Internet gives everyone a voice, regardless of whether or not we think it should be heard”. Watching videos can be more effective than words because as humans we grasp visual imagery better than we do words. For an audience, it’s more powerful and influential to view a shameful situation, such as bullying, rather than just hearing or reading about it.

Another way social media has played an immense role in activism today is by expanding word of mouth communication. Ben...

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