Role of Sir Robert Peel in Starting Community Policing

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Sir Robert Peel

Policing has been a part of America for many decades. In fact, policing was known to exist prior to 1066, the year of the Normandy Invasion of Britain. Throughout the years policing has been a complicated and ongoing progress. The people of England did not have a stabilized policing standard and were often responsible for protecting and serving themselves. As early as the 1600s the Colonial America introduced the English styles of policing; citizens were responsible for monitoring community members’ behavior. Early constables and sheriffs were with the increased rate of crime and developed a ‘sort’ in community policing known as “watch and ward.” Later throughout history in the early 1700s policing became an act of religious beliefs. Crime and disorder followed throughout America and unorganized crime prevailed. By the early 1800s a development was established to bring organization and structure to policing. In addition to many historical figures responsible for the development of policing. Sir Robert Peel (1829) served as Home Secretary of England and cited a new revolution for policing in the community. This Metropolitan America developed guidelines set for improving community relations and professional behaviors. His ideas stood firm that the key to policing was, “the police are the people and the people are the police.” In this paper, I will discuss the nine principles developed by Sir Robert Peel and the impact it served on American policing and its history.

Sir Robert Peel was a believer of crime prevention and the use of community policing as a source to aid his nine principles. Peel’s intended goal was to prevent crime and promote better police-community affiliations. This goal was based on the idea that police were willing to engage in special training that focused on problem analysis, problem solving, facilitation, community organization, communication, intervention and conflict resolution, resource...

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