Role of School in Moral Education

Topics: Education, Kohlberg's stages of moral development, Morality Pages: 4 (996 words) Published: October 9, 2010
Role of School in Moral Education

Principal Dr Smt U K Sadavarte
Vivekwardhini College of Education For Women,

Prof Rachana Sandeep Akolkar
AAD College of Education, Khultabad, Aurangabad

Moral education is what the schools do to help the young become ethically mature adults, capable of moral thought and action. Very little of the moral education that inevitably occurs in the schools is formally recorded in lesson plans, curriculum guides, or behavioral objectives. Many aspects of moral education are part of the hidden curriculum, instead. And, though there are no "Moral Aptitude Test" scores to verify this fact, students do learn. They develop conceptions of what being a good person entails. They learn what their obligations are (if any) to the group and to the larger society. They acquire a sense of their rights as individuals. In other words, moral education has a certain inevitability about it. Preparing children for their moral responsibilities as adults is a crucial part of the education process.

Teachers play an important role in fostering moral maturity in students, and, according to Ryan, teacher educators have an obligation to help preservice teachers understand how to create a "moral curriculum" in the classroom. He argues that the content of teacher education must consist of more than academic content and pedagogical skills. Preservice teachers must also appreciate their role in communicating to students the larger values of a community and of a society.

By Moral Education “we mean inculcation of refined ideals, values, principles with a view to bring a purposeful behavioural change among the inhabitants of this universe”. Man is created as a paragon of creation. He has got the power of learning and has changed from a mere animal to a civilized one by inculcating...
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