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P1 describe the role of sales staf

Sales Techniques
• Face to face sales – personable, easier to engage
• Telemarketing: - don’t need to be physically seen
Inward – customers call you
Outward – you call potential customers

• Drop-in visits
 Avon / Betterware – drop brochure of
Wholesale – trying to sell your product to stores

Role of sales people
• Describe the product surround
• How does a salesperson find out what a customer wants?
• How to match goods and services to the customers
• Product information
• Customer care
• Customer feedback
• Promoting the product
• Salesperson as first point of contact
• Finally create a Definition of personal selling

Product surround
• Unique to this product, brand name, reputation of the
company, reliability of the product, how the product fits with the lifestyle of the buyer.
• A good salesperson will link the product surround to the customers needs and lifestyle

Finding out what a customer wants
• Autoworld car sales
• What questions would
you ask to find out what
the customer wants
• Questions ….Price,
appearance, features
and performance
required, personal
circumstances or
specific requirements,
additional benefits,

Match goods and services to customer needs
• How could a car salesperson help this customer choose
between the 6 cars?
• Ask questions & listen very carefully to answers
• Demonstrate products that match to customer needs
• Provide further detail and information about the product, what information?
• Honesty is important if you do not have the customers ideal product
• Aim is for the customer to be satisfied and return
• Aim for the sales person is to sell the product

Customer care

• The sales person is the first point of contact. How
could a salesperson at Autoworld provide customer
• Customer care is making sure that your customers are
100% satisfied
• Welcoming, good service in the store, find out and
satisfy needs, going the extra mile, after sales service
• How could they get feedback from customers on the
quality of customer care? After service questionnaires.

Personal selling is …
One to one, closing a sale,

Customers, finding out

needs, customer care, asking
questions, welcoming, Product
information, explaining benefits &
features of a product, inspiring the
customer, Listening,
communicating with customers

Today P1
• Create a leaflet on the role of sales staf choose one
of these roles:
• Salesperson at Chesterfield Three mobile phone shop
selling phones and airtime contracts
• or
• Car salesperson at the Chesterfield Autoworld car
sales dealership

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