Role of Project Manager

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Project Management is a vital part of today’s businesses in order to stay ahead in respective industries and add value to products. The main aim of projects is to find out about something by using resources and ideas and put together to achieve the end product. Project management provides people with a powerful set of tools that improves their ability to plan, implement, and manage activities to accomplish specific organizational objectives. It enables management to innovate, plan strategically with the economic progress in mind. Erik et al (2011) With the planning, it helps to reduce the risk of failure and increase the chance of success by overcoming problems and addressing the challenges that may arise throughout the life cycle of the project. Projects will then have the ability to adapt to possible changes that may occur. As such, higher performance and success is achievable. Project Management plays a role in shortening the product life cycle. As time is money, “speed” therefore has become an important factor in determining competitiveness in the industry. Many organizations rely on cross-functional project teams to produce the latest goods and services in order to have a big share in the market because a failure to keep up with competitors will lead to great losses. Example, Schneider Electric and Toshiba, two global electronics manufacturers formed a joint venture, STI, to develop electrical drives and inverters. Wilson Keely, Doz Yves L. (2012) In my previous company, there were 10 different teams that look into small projects, which supports the mission of the organization through centralization of project management processes and practices. With various expertise’s, our teams were able to shortened the product life cycle and increased revenue. In the booming age of knowledge, product complexity which includes unique materials, specifications, codes, aesthetics, and equipment has increased the need to integrate different technologies especially in...
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