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Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Registered nurse Pages: 6 (1977 words) Published: December 4, 2014
This essay will describe the role of a nurse and how the nursing role has become a profession. It will also outline the governing bodies which have set regulations and guidelines which has made created the professional nurse. Bla bla head is blank! Nursing is constantly evolving in order to meet new demands and also has to take into account the up to date information which is available. The purpose of nursing is to promote healing, health, preventing illness, disease and also to minimise distress and maximise the best quality of life whilst maintaining independency where available (Hall. et al.2013). Nursing roles have also evolved in order to deliver person centre care which is delivering care which is specific to each patient’s individual needs, beliefs and values (McCormack & McCance 2010). Many definitions for nursing can be related to different professions within the caring profession however the role of a nurse is unique to any other professions and if nursing did not have a definition it is said to be difficult to control, finance, research or taught (Hal. et al. 2013). Definitions of nursing are useful tools in order to put key concepts into words. One of the earliest definitions of nursing was stated by Florence Nightingale, she maintained that nature cured a patient and a nurse was there to put the patient in the best possible condition for nature to act upon him or her (FLOERENCE BOOK). Virginia Henderson described the unique function of a nurse and she highlighted the individulal, the aid to recovery and also most importantly promotes independence where possible. Henderson also states that the patient is in control, “she is the master.” (Kozier 2008). A definition however can not describe the relationships and communications skills which a nurse has when working with patients, other nurses and other health professionals who are involved in how care is delivered. There are six main characteristics which underpin nursing; Care, compassion, communication, courage, competency and commitment (RCN 2010). Caring for a patient and treating a patient are completely different skills, a nurse has to have to ability to care and act in the best interests of the patient. Good communication skills are vital as a nurse not only has to work along-side a large team of colleges from different aspects of care but they also have to have the ability to communicate with patients and their families in order to provide care which is specific to each patient. Having courage is the ability to recognise an issue and have the courage to make clinical and critical decisions to provide the patients with high quality and safe care which is centred around the patients individuality. Competency is essential in providing safe efficient care and is also important when building relationships with patients. Competence is defined by the NMC 2011 as, “the combination of skills, knowledge and attitudes, values an technical abilities that underpin safe and effective nursing practice and interventions (NMC 2011). Commitment is evident in a compassionate nurse, a nurse has to be committed to study and further develop their knowledge throughout the years and also has to be committed in providing all patients with person centred care regardless of stress, time limits, family and personal issues. There are many people who provide care to a patient such as care assisitants, relatives and other informal carers, the care which they provide is invaluable however the care provided from a professional nurse is not only related to the skills undertaken but the way in which they deliver care and how they communicate to each unique patient. The distinct difference between carers and a professional nurse is the ability to make clinical judgement which is involved in initial assessment, diagnosis, observation, prescription and evaluation (RCN 2010). A professional nurse is expected to always act in the best interests of the patient, hold professional values, have...
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