Role of Nabard in Rural Development

Topics: Microfinance, Poverty, Orissa Pages: 91 (26571 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Message of Chief Minister of Orissa
Message of Minister, Women & Child Development
Message from Asst. Country Director, CARE-INDIA
Message from CGM, NABARD Regional Office, Bhubaneswar
Message from CGM, SBI Local Head Office, Bhubaneswar
Message from GM, SIDBI, Regional Office, Bhubaneswar
Message from DGM, UCO Bank (SLBC), Bhubaneswar
Preface of Secretary WCD
From the desk of Director, Mission Shakti
List of Abbreviations
Chapter – I : micro-Finance and Women’s Empowerment in Orissa – An overview 1.1 Evolution of Self help Movement in Orissa – a brief history 1.2 Issues revolving around micro-Finance
1.3 Objective of bringing out a State Vision Document for micro-Finance 1.4 Methods Adopted for Preparation of this document
Chapter - II : Main Stream Financial Institutions and SHG - Bank Linkages in Orissa 2.1 Progress and Current Status
2.2 Role of Banks
2.3 Role of Promoting Institutions
2.4 Role of NABARD
2.5 Potential for enhancing SHG-Bank Linkage in the State 2.6 Issues and bottlenecks in SHG-Bank Linkage
Chapter-III : Alternative Financial Institutions in Orissa
3.1 Current Status
3.2 Role of SIDBI-SFMC
13.3 Potential for growth of micro-finance institutions in Orissa 3.4 Issues and bottlenecks for growth
Chapter-IV : micro-Insurance
4.1 The importance of Micro-insurance
4.2 Risk mitigation solutions currently available in the market 4.3 The current scenario of micro-insurance in Orissa
4.4 Issues and Bottlenecks
Chapter - V: Capacity Building Needs of the Micro-Finance Sector 5.1 Capacity Building Initiatives in Orissa
5.2 Demand side factors – an assessment
5.3 Supply side factors – an assessment
5.4 The demand vis-à-vis gap
5.5 Need for a State Level Capacity Building Institution
Chapter – VI : micro-Enterprise Promotion & Marketing 6.1. Micro-enterprise Promotion in Orissa
6.2 NGO efforts
6.3 Govt. Initiatives
6.4 Marketing
6.5 Potential for micro-Enterprise Promotion in the State
6.6 Issues and bottlenecks
Chapter - VII: State Vision and Strategies for Promotion of micro-Finance for Women’s Empowerment 7.1 Vision and Goals
7.2 Strategies
7.3 Projects of outreach and resource requirements
7.4 Institutional arrangements for co-ordination
2NAVEEN PATNAIK Telephone (0674) :2531100 (Off.) CHIEF MINISTER, ORISSA (0674):2591099 (Res) Women & Child Development Department (0674):2535100 (Off.) Government of Orissa (0674):2590833(Res) E.Mail : D.O. No. n 15

Dated 31.05.05
I am glad that Mission Shakti in collaboration with CARE – INDIA has prepared “Empowered Woman – a Vision Document for micro-finance in the State of Orissa” which focuses on the ways and means for achieving our goal of women empowerment through properly coordinated micro-finance activities. I am sure this Vision Document will prove to be the guiding star for Mission Shakti and all other stakeholders striving for the cause of women empowerment. (NAVEEN PATNAIK)

3Smt. Pramila Mallik Office : 2530650 Minister Tel Res : 2350500 Women & Child Development Department PABX : 232-2197 Government of Orissa

Date 30.5.3005
I am glad to learn that the Mission Shakti launched in March 2001 has successfully entered its next phase for 2004 – 2008. A vision document for microfinance in Orissa for this phase is getting in to public...
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