Role of Music

Topics: Music, A Great Way to Care, Play Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: January 8, 2011
The Role of Music

Music plays an important part of our life, community, and our culture. Without music many people would go unnoticed from their natural talent. Music takes many roles; singing, playing an instrument, using technology, and creating an art. Music is the key to our personalities and to whom we are. Without music we notice that our lives become flat and dreary. Music creates wonderful masterpieces and a sentimental songs that we can base from. Music makes our lives, communities, and culture a place to live and to enjoy. Music to some people, isn’t just the lyrics to a song or an exciting drum beat and guitar solos, it’s a way of life. Many children these days are picking up instruments and learning them, also, many children are singing and joining choruses and becoming artists. For my life, it isn’t just listening to music and enjoying it, it’s making the music. I play French Horn and I want to pursue music when I’m older. I’m enrolled in my school’s band and my State’s youth orchestra. Music has such an important roll in my life, and many others too. Music expresses emotion, feeling, and your personality. Many people love listening to music. Not everyone likes the same music, it’s suggests individuality. Whether its classical, rock, country, or rap, they all show emotion and they all entertain the people of today. Music helps the community to come together and help out the ones who are in need. The school’s jazz band plays at many community functions, we play at elementary enrollments, carnivals, and concerts. The marching band plays at the football games, contests, and community parades. Music can help raise money for fundraisers and school events. Concerts are a great way to help raise money for charities, schools, and art programs. Music has shown great importance in the community I live in, and I love to get involved with the people. It helps children stay in school, gets people off the streets, and inspires so many...
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