Role of Media in Development of Socienty

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Mass media are the channels, such as newspapers, magazines, radio or television use to communicate information to large group of people’s. By regularly convening information to important audiences, from the general public to government, and international decision maker a media plays a major role in shaping public debate. Media organizations are independent of political influence and work as important informative aid to the society.

NGO is the organized groups of individuals which can or cannot be institutionalized. NGO can help to establish the relation between government and the people. NGO’s work as nonprofit and non government organization on more constructive and accurate basis. NGO’s work for welfare of the masses.

The media and non government organizations have an important role to play in the civil society. The media are the among the most important allies to the NGO’s community some way in which the media can be important to the NGO’s include writing articles / Telecast - Broadcast Programs that

• Create and environment of political pressure.
• Convey general information, serving as a public education. • Counter popular misconception.
• Comment on an issue providing an alternative view point. In these paper more emphasis is given on how media can promote awareness about NGO’s activities and also how NGO’s need media to convey their message to society and government and also to form public opinion about various policies and lastly media and NGO’s can work for betterment of society continuously


Communication is a process to achieve mutual understanding or to have an interaction or exchange of ideas , opinions , facts , information , etc among all human beings or communication is the act of transmitting information , ideas , knowledge from one person to another. Media is most impressive tool of communication. Print media , books, magazines, newspaper , broadcasting , radio , telephone , audiovisual , TV, movies , documentaries etc. Communication is very significant as it is a psychological need of an individual to form a society. It is very important which satisfy basic needs of life.

Mass Media are viewed as mass media because their reach extends the vast heterogeneous masses of the population of the country at the same time. With the help of mass media messages can be sent and received in any part of the world may be rural or urban. Role of media- print media as well as electronic media is the awareness of people as well as society has increased enormously. Electronic media has more impact on society as compare to print media because it is visual aid of information

NGO”s worked as nonprofit & nongovernmental organization on more constructive and accurate basis. NGO’s are nongovernmental organizations that function for the welfare of the masses. In India rise and growth of NGO’s is mainly due to the general failure of the government to deliver justice to the masses. It was expected from the government of India that it would take up the responsibility of social economics development of the messes especially the weaker section. But Indian government failed to deliver goods in several areas including public health, education, family welfare due to cheap politics and corruption. Many NGO’s have come into existence to work on several issues related to societies and people. NGO’s generally operate in different areas like charity, welfare, relief, rehabilitation. In recent years many NGO’s have set up education institutions which cater many professional courses.

A brief account of the service rendered by the voluntary organization is given below.

NGOs generally operate in the following areas:

( Charity – providing financial assistance, food, donating land, house, etc.

(Welfare –...
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