Role of Management Functions

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Role of Management Functions Used by Health Care Managers
Laura Ayers
July 30, 2012
Dawn Sienkiewicz

Role of Management Functions Used by Health Care Managers
Today, health care managers are responsible for many things to make a health facility run efficiently. The management process includes: organization, planning, controlling and leading. Health care managers must be able to control. They must be able to determine how to measure their employees’ performances and take actions when needed to reassure desired levels of achievements are accomplished. Managers must be able to plan. They have to schedule employees that are able to complete the tasks needed to obtain the performance desired. They have to plan for any outcome, good or bad that may come their way. Health care managers have to be organized. They have to organize their employees and task to accomplish the work. Health care managers have to be leaders. They need to inspire their employees to work hard by giving examples of working hard themselves. This will encourage their workers to always strive to do their best (Lombardi & Schermerhorn, 2007). In my opinion, the management role consists of all these things, along with, time management, availability, and personality make-up. Most Important Role as a Health Care Manager

I believe that the most important role is leadership. Being a leader requires a person to show actions and not speak words. I believe that employees are likely to work harder for someone who willing to get their hands dirty and help versus set back, behind the desk, and verbally tell them how to accomplish the task. A leader has to be enthusiastic, inspire, and encourage their employees to always set forth for their best and to never settle for anything less. If a health care manager sets their expectations high in the beginning, then his or her employees will have the mentality that are capable of doing their very best to accomplish any task...

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