Role of Leadership

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Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Leadership
2.1 Definition of Leadership
2.2 Leadership versus Management
2.3 Qualities and Traits of a Leader
3.0 Leadership in Delivering A Project
3.1 Leadership in Team Building
3.2 Leadership in Project Process
3.3 Impetus for Changes
3.4 Cultivating Leadership
3.5 A Perception in Today’s Organisations - Architectural or Engineering Consulting Firms
4.0 Conclusion and Discussion
Essay – The Role of Leadership in Delivering A Successful Project IDBE 12 By Li Hong Yu Univ. of Cambridge
1.0 Introduction
It is common practice today that a project manager is assigned with the authority and responsibility to manage a project in a constraining and ferociously competitive environment. The project manager shall therefore undertake the functions of organisation, planning, staffing, directing and controlling the project to enable the management of the budget and work plan and all project management procedures including scope management, issues management, risk management, and so on, to achieve the objectives of the project within the requisite time frame and budget.

A project manager is often by default regarded as a project leader, playing a significant role in not merely managing but also leading the project team to achieve the objectives of the project. Nevertheless, can a project manager naturally be a leader? Are there distinctions between leadership and management? Research studies on leadership and management indicate that they are essentially different entities although there are many overlaps between them. What should a manager do and what should a leader do in a project environment? How can a good harmony be attained to balance leadership and management in order to deliver the success of a project which is, in the end, people’s accomplishment? To answer these questions it is necessary to turn to fundamental principles underpinning the definition of leadership, character traits and innate capabilities of a leader, relationship of project leadership and management implemented in the life cycle of a project.

This essay focuses on seeking out answers for the above questions and finding an insight and essence of project leadership as well as the relationship of a leader and his team, the followers, in the cycle of a project work, the indispensable elements leading to the success of a project.

2.0 Leadership
The old image of a dictating boss with a non-negotiable goal of a project whipping and rounding up his team and charging off to the destination is hardly consistent with modern management thinking. The concept of the management of an organization or enterprise has steadily evolved over the last few decades. The different decades, according to Dilenschneider [1], may be characterized as shown in Table 1.

Essay – The Role of Leadership in Delivering A Successful Project IDBE 12 By Li Hong Yu Univ. of Cambridge
1950 - 60 1970 - 80 1990 -
Administrators Managers Leaders
- By tradition
- Chain of command
- Stable
- Introspective
- Apprenticeship
- By exception
- Ad-hoc
- Turbulent
- Market driven
- Mentoring
- By vision
- Instant
- Sustaining
- Customer driven
- Teamwork
Table 1: The Evolution of Enterprise Leadership
It can be seen from the above table that there had been a progression from ‘administrative command’ to ‘team leadership’, a change driven by an enlightened work force and a need to be ferociously competitive. Leaders create and need followers. Therefore they need to understand people, his or her followers. Douglas McGregor [2] has examined theories on behaviour of individuals at work based on social science research, and he has formulated two models which he calls Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X is the assumption that:

Average human being has an inherent dislike of work and will avoid it if he can.
Most people must be coerced, controlled and threatened if the organization is to achieve its objectives.
The average...
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