Role of Ict in School and Colleges

Topics: Personal computer, Internet, Computer network Pages: 4 (1390 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Information Communication Technology is playing a vital role in the institutions in the form of improving the overall performance of the students. Information Communication Technology has facilitated all the institutes in improving the technology round the globe. ICT helps in sharing information across the world. ICT has provided different advantages or facilities at institute level which help in enhancing the capabilities of students in academic and research work. The focus area of our research is to explore the facilities which are provided by Information Communication Technology. Networking

From the very beginning when we explore the structure of an ICT environment then we have to face a stand alone PC. A stand alone system can be helpful initially for the teachers to provide training to the users who are unfamiliar with the use of computer systems. A computer system helps in enhancing the knowledge new users who want to accelerate in this domain. A single or stand alone computer can only solve the issues who are just required in a closed vicinity. But when we have to think about the communication over the globe or whole world then the concept of computer networking can solve this issue. Networking helps in connecting computer systems over the globe and it provides an immense set of advantages in domain of ICT which we will have to discuss one by one. Networking helps in file sharing between all the computers who are connected together. It provides a sort of more flexibility than using floppy drives and USB drive. We can share different types of data like photos, documents, music files, and many more. A network approach also helps us in saving our important data on a different computer by using a home network. Home network helps us in making backup or duplicate copies of our critical data. When a network facility is available and different computers are connected via media then it becomes easy to share a single printer among all computers. When...

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