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Role of English in Modern Life

By aneeshraj65 Apr 14, 2013 568 Words
The Role Of English In The Modern World
In today's English language occupies an important place in people's lives. More recently, he was just a foreign language, but now - it's the international language. No exaggeration to say that English is sometimes determines the fate of people and even saves lives. What's it worth? It's simple: the world of English language is given more importance. Every adult wants to learn the language at least at a conversational level, as children begin to train more with young children. What gives us the English language? o First career.

At the present time to find a prestigious job in a large organization must be free proficiency. This is due to the fact that large organizations are among the suppliers and buyers of foreign enterprises, and, accordingly, the negotiation, conclusion of contracts, signing contracts, etc. by it is the international language - English. With English, you can always communicate with business partners to participate in international conferences, read international newspapers and magazines about the business. o Secondly, a trip abroad. Everyone knows that modern man is the personality of a versatile and curious, seeking in his life to visit as many different countries and cities to get acquainted with the culture and customs of other nations.

And how this is possible without knowledge of the English language? In tourist countries, whether Turkey or Spain, everyone who works with tourists speak English. This improves the quality of service visitors, and, hence, attracting more tourists. And the tourists themselves, being in a foreign country, feel much more confident, knowing that, in case anything happens, will always be able to talk with the locals, ask for directions, to clarify the location of something, etc. o Thirdly, the study itself. Knowledge of the English language gives the opportunity to study in prestigious universities abroad, since it is one of the most important selection criteria for admission. With a diploma, say, London University graduate has an opportunity to get a job around the world, because, as you know, a diploma issued in the uk, one of the convertible. o Next, the book. Reading foreign book in its original context, without translation, you can get much more pleasure from reading, since translation usually is not quite accurate, depends on subjective opinions and skills of an interpreter, and can not convey the true thoughts and emotions that are invested by the author. A technical literature? Knowledge of the language opens up great opportunities for studying interest and the equipment. The same applies to computer programs and applications. o English words in Russian, also have considerable importance. In recent years the influx of English words in Russian language has increased significantly. Uttering such words as: "computer", "player", "hamburger," we no longer think about what all these words are borrowed from English. The borrowing of new words due to the influence of foreign cultures, and, for the most part, brings clarity and convenience in the designation of certain items. o and finally in possession of the English language, you always have the opportunity to talk with interesting people on various topics in English, make useful contacts and find new friends among foreigners. Thus, the role of English language in the world can talk endlessly. The undoubted fact is that English is an important part in modern life, and everyone can find for himself no one reason for its study and improving skills.

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