Role of Engineers

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Role of Engineers
Engineering in Environmental and Technological Contexts
• Engineers are designers who use scientific principles to optimize their design. • Engineers can use systematic, objective engineering analysis and design techniques. • Engineers are innovators. • Engineer have the much potential to impact global sustainability through the product and processes designed. • Engineers are charged to be “dedicated to the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare.”

Ajith de Alwis Department of Chemical and Process Engineering

1. Environmental impacts of engineering decisions The job of the engineer is the world making it habitable, enabling it to support human life.  Engineering is concerned with the built environment around us, at the present time and in the future; where it will continue to evolve, with new technologies and innovation being discovered.

Be ready for Changes ….
• Different demands on the next generation of engineers
– Loss of ecosystem services – Environmental – Different energy scenario – Energy – Water availability problems – Water resources – Globalisation – Different Economics


In some countries, where there are still some green zones crossed by rivers, In some countries, where there are still some green zones crossed by rivers, these are guarded by heavy armed soldiers. these are guarded by heavy armed soldiers.

Spaceship Earth
“Design Science is the effective application of the principles of science to the conscious design of our total environment in order to help make the Earth's finite resources meet the needs of all humanity without disrupting the ecological processes of the planet“

Year 2050 ?!
Water became a very coveted Water became a very coveted treasure, more precious treasure, more precious than gold and diamonds. than gold and diamonds.

R. Buckminster Fuller

“Rising earth greets Apollo astronauts - December 1968” 1968” ‘Spaceship Earth’
Design for the challenge of sustainability in the 21st Century


Fire …..
Mankind’s greatest discovery Mankind’

Wood gave way to Coal ..
The first use was in cooking And in providing warmth

Electricity – The Energy Option of the Modern Society



Environment - Types !
Every time the built environment is either changed or extended, the natural environment has to transform with it.  Whether this transformation is for the better or for the worse, depends on decisions made by the engineer in the early stages of the design.

Minamata Disease

Old Steam Engines

Chromium dust


Itai Itai - Cadmium Poisoning

Radium girls (USA)

The Evolution of a Manufactured Product
Product Idea Design Raw materials Manufacture Distribution and Use End-of-Life

Interaction of Two Cycles

Design Cycle Manufacturing Cycle


October 10, 1901


3. How the engineering decisions affect for environment.

2. Some “Global”environmental concerns  Population growth, food production, water supply and energy supplies  Global warming (the greenhouse effect)  The depletion of the ozone layer These problems have socio-political-economic as well as technological aspects… All but the last are closely related to population growth...

1. Any construction work that occurs anywhere in the world, will have a profound effect on the natural environment of both the site and the area around it. E.g. If you build a dam on a piece of land, a body of water will build up behind it to form a reservoir. Apart from the visual impact of the dam itself, a large area of land will be flooded and consequently many plants and possibly animals may be lost.


World’s No 1
Environmental Problem POVERTY …..

Power Lines and Leukemia
• “..children living in proximity to high voltage powerlines are at increased risk of childhood leukaemia, but in finding effects up to 600 metres away, they invoke electric field corona ion effects as a possible causal...
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