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The role of the Internet in business communication is varied and has come to be of great importance. It can be used to increase effective communication both internally and externally. Use of the Internet can make it easier to connect with others quickly and more often, in addition to exchanging a wide array of media types. It can be used to communicate purchase information to vendors and by customers to ask questions. The factors that make the role of the Internet in business communication important can also cause conflict, depending on the way the medium is used.

Email is one of the most popular uses of the internet in business communication. It is widely used for both internal and external communications. Email enables users to communicate with each other at any hour and from several locations. It can also be an effective way to keep track of requests, conversations, and other important data as it provides a record of what was communicated. One of the most significant internal uses of the internet in business communication is the intranet site. This is a website that is only available to the members of a particular organization. It typically serves as both a sort of community bulletin board and a place to access forms, information, and other resources that are necessary or helpful for employees. Most intranet sites are password protected and some even have sections which are only available to certain groups of employees.

The transmission of the internet has revolutionized the business arena.  The use of the Internet is changing high-tech marketing overnight while different industries have been trying to use it as part of their marketing strategy. It does not only reconfigured the way different firms do business and the way the consumers buy goods and services but it also become instrumental in transforming the value chain from manufacturers to retailers to consumers, creating a new retail distribution channel.  Website development is a powerful tool used by different business organizations around the world. It is defined as the process of achieving business objectives utilizing electronic communications technology.

Email has evolved into probably the most common form of communication today. Set up mailing lists in your email software for internal communications, vendor news, press releases and customer information. Use a professional email address, preferably with your company’s website address as the suffix, rather than sending from a personal account or a free Web account. Sending bulk emails can result in many of your messages ending up in recipients' spam folders -- or worse, violating the CAN-SPAM act. Contact your Internet service provider to learn if you can send bulk emails from your account and what precautions you’ll need to take to stay within the law, such as including an opt-out provision for people on your list. The convenience of email can lead to impersonal communications — send well wishes and thank-you notes using cards and letters. Press Releases-

For generations, the press release has been the standard form of communications between business and the media. Create a list of media contacts and send news regularly. Put a date on each press release and supply contact information for your business, including a person's name, telephone number and email address. Don’t talk about yourself to start your press release — focus on the reader, providing information that makes your information news, not advertising or promotional content. To make sure your press release doesn’t get lost in a flurry of emails to an editor’s inbox, send a print copy of your release via snail mail and follow up with an email. Contact Management Systems-

A contact management system is a database of people important to your business that you can sort in a variety of ways. The database should allow you to create lists of customers, clients, media contacts...
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