role of education in standard of living

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The role of education in Standard of living
It has always been the common expression in my family how important education in human life, whether in achieving your personal dream or building a good future. Education provides not only knowledge to the person but it also cultivates the person´s ability through learning experience. In addition to education offers opportunity of achieving good life to those citizens (like for example women and person with physical or mental disabilities) who are denied to have access in well –being elements like education, health, mobility and political participation. It also assists the person to create a better understanding and a good perspective of what life is about and what matters the most. Education important role is not only in improving the quality of people´s life and their community but it also serve as a powerful key in eliminating gender inequality and reducing poverty. In this paper I will examine how education can help to improve the standard of living of an individual by giving an example based on my family experience. Then, I will discuss in what ways education can help to eliminate gender inequality and reduce poverty rate. Family experience

In Philippines most of the people believe that education is the key of achieving a better or successful life. My late grandfather was one of the people who believed that education is a powerful tool, which can change the people´s life in a tremendous way and even change the world into more just and humane. He was a son of a farmer who owns a big rice plantation and other industrial crops for export. At his young age he saw his father deceived by investors and buyers to sold their products for a very low price, though the products can be sold for double price in the market. He realized that if he will go to school and become more literate than his parents, he can help his family to improved their living, for example self merchandising their own products, as well as to protect them from the people whose taking advantage of their illiteracy. He convinced his parents to send him to school, despite the fact that his parents doubted him, he worked so hard to proved to them and to his younger siblings that a person can become successful despite from the discouragement of the people around you. Because of his courage and motivation, he finished his study and attained a degree in Business Management at the University of San Jose Recoletos. Because of my grandfather literacy in business he built a local supermarket wherein they sold their own products for good price in order for the whole community be able to afford it. It is also because of him that his younger siblings got the chance to attained education and changes tremendously our family status. Right now none of them remain as a farmer but all of them living the dream of their life and currently residing abroad. Afterwards he was able to establish his own export business and he funded one of the schools in his neighborhood to help provide a good education for those children who are unfortunate to attain it. For this reason I consider standard living as a primary good because I believe that if you have access to this primary goods then you can functions properly and be able to the things that person´s value the most. Reducing poverty rate

On the other hand poverty also contribute the risk of achieving standard of living because it limits the person access to his or her basic needs. Often person experiencing poverty usually gets satisfied with less than the most would think necessary for a minimally decent life. Through education individuals are given a valuable knowledge and skills that are necessary to a human functioning. It is also considered that education will not only improve our ability in functioning but it will also provide the...

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