Role of Communication Skills

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“Communication is an act or process of giving or exchanging of ideas, Information, messages and knowledge by gesture, talk or writing.” Communication is the process of transmitting and receiving verbal and non- verbal messages. Communication is effective when message is conveyed and understood. Communication skills:-

“Communication skills involve the human ability to convey one’s ideas, thoughts or messages in a proper and understandable way.” Modes of communication:-

There are three modes of communication which are generally used: * Oral (verbal)
* Writing
* Non - verbal
Role of communication skills in daily life:-
Communication plays a very important role in man’s life. Man is a social animal, communication satisfy the basic need of man to express. The inability to effectively communicate with others can create problems for everyone. If a person is poor in communication skills he can’t manage a good family, hold a job and obtain a good education. Without effective communication skills it is difficult for a man to climb the cooperative ladder. Promotion comes to those who can communicate effectively at all levels. A person is known as a professional in communication skills when he becomes able to handle the situation in difficult communication situations. Sometimes, people become confuse during communication. If the person is professional, then he will handle the situation easily. On the other side, if the person has not a good command over communication skills, he may face difficulty during communication.

The reason to possess communication skills is to convey ideas clearly. When someone can convey ideas clearly, it is easier to gain useful input back for refining an idea. When developing ideas, everyone must be able to share an idea and gain constructive feedback as part of the development process. Without proper communication skills, people would not be able to understand the feedback they received, or be able to use it in an effective fashion. To share ideas and give feedback of others ideas requires a good handle on how to articulate a thought. In our daily life , we are interacted with certain issues and matters that require us to play certain role and perform certain tasks. If a person is better in communication , the greater are chances of success in performing that assumed roles that our careers in particular and life generally present us with. A person good in communication skills can survive anywhere. We communicate with different people in our daily life. It is necessary to have a good knowledge about the use of effective words in communication skills. If we have good communication skills, then we can convince any person easily. Now, good communication skills have become very necessary in our daily life. Many multi-national companies which prefer to those people as their employee who are good in communication skills. A man belongs to every profession, communication skills are equally importance. For a student, for a teacher, for an engineer, for a docter,for a business man , for a vendor, for a security officer, for a journalist ,for a sales man ,for a social man, for an army officer, for a leader, for a teacher etc. Role of communication skills is very wide but here are some of the important things that can be achieved by it: Good Relationships:-

Communication plays an important role in order to change the relationships into good relationships. Man with effective communication has such ability that people can understand his feelings and get his words easily. Good communication makes the people to know what a person want and what he need. In social life the role of effective communication can’t be...
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