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Topics: Business ethics, Management, Leadership Pages: 12 (2080 words) Published: March 10, 2015
“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.” ~ Paul Hawken.

We live in a complex world of change, chaos and uncertainty. Powerful leadership empowers us to deal with these intricacies of life. It helps us break down, visualize and study problems in various disciplines such as corporate governance, strategic leadership, managing change and even capital markets. CEO is one of the most coveted and least understood job in world. Everyone aspires to get the top job, as people believe CEO is a fusion of power and money. By the nature of jobs description, CEO is supposed to meet the needs and expectations of various stakeholders. People perceive CEOs life is easier and simpler than any other employer in the company just because the CEO has to just pass orders to his employees and then the employees have to work hard in the direction to make the organization successful. In the executive leadership course I got a chance to listen and interact with executive leaders from diverse backgrounds. Based upon the thoughts shared by these executives I will blend those key take-outs with my own thoughts and perception about leadership. Important aspects of CEO job

If CEO is assumed to be responsible for success or failure of firm then what are his job duties or responsibilities. Major job responsibilities are: Developing strategy and vision
Agent of change
Coping with change
Business management and resource provider
Building culture and trust
Communicating shared vision effectively
Attracting and developing talent
Vision: CEO works hand in glove with company management in bringing the vision into execution. Management develops the plan for organizational structure, efficient allocation of jobs, delegating roles and responsibilities and monitors the implementation. Without strategic vision, activities and operations are carried out in chaotic ways that affect the overall growth of an enterprise. As Sandy Jason, CEO of Tamacha Financial Group said “ once you have taken the decision to move forward don’t keep on looking back. Look for next strings to pull”. Confident CEOs trust their instincts, take other along and move forward. Competent CEO brings high degree of order and consistency to the key performing indicators (KPI’s) or areas of an enterprise. Agent of change: Leaders are the first ones to adopt the changes, as they believe in saying that you need to be the change you want to see in the world. They acquiesce the constructive ideas and infiltrate the same in others by inspiration and motivation. For overall organizational performance, effective CEO encourages each individual to step up and think out of box to get the best out from themselves. They identify weaknesses and learn from their mistakes to improve their productivity and performance. Failures are never show stoppers for them as they pin out multitude bad ways to avoid failures and learn lessons at every step. Coping with change: Leadership is about coping up with change. The business world gets competitive day by day with new technological advancements and innovations making their way into the system. Effective leadership has the vision to accept those changes at the right time and be the consistent upbeat in the competitive environment. This requires motivating and inspiring their employees or co-workers in the right direction. So, the leadership starts with a vision of the future along with strategies for producing the changes needed to achieve that vision. Great leaders are honest and abide by their ethical and professional standards. As Sandy Tamacha said, “ If you make mistakes acknowledge it. Don’t drag it and get over it.’’ Competent CEOs never believe in their own hype and are very embracing to new constructive ideas and changes thus fostering the growth of an enterprise. Business management and resource provider: CEO faces daunting task of...
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