Role of American Teens in the 50s and Now

Topics: Adolescence, Teen drama, Young adult Pages: 3 (1257 words) Published: March 15, 2006
The Role of the Teenager in America Then and Now
Teenagers in the 1950's were a lot different from the teenagers today. It was a beginning of a transformation into what they are today. The influence of teenagers on America's economy has changed greatly, Teenagers have gone from not being able to speak their mind to freely expressing almost anything they feel. It seems large companies are now only focusing on teens, whereas before they had all but ignored them. Their advertising is directed toward teens in order to get their business right from the start of their life. Teenagers' roles in America is different now than it was in the 1950's.

Yesterday's teenagers were a lot more tame than today's teens. In the 1950's a teenager's life was much more strict. They understood that rules were put into place for a reason and were not to be broken. Teens were taught proper etiquette in school classes. The girls were taught the proper ways to sit and stand, dance, and even what to say at the end of a date. Everything was structured around being polite. Kids of the 1950's were always told, "children are to be seen and not heard." Teens were not supposed to talk back to their parents. This saying can also be applied in a political sense. Teens were not allowed to express their opinions in public, especially if it was seen as wrong. Teens were taught values and morals. The golden rule was posted in every home: "do unto others as would be done unto you." Teens respected authority which meant the police, presidents, teachers, and their parents. Teens were encouraged to join Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, as these programs also taught important life lessons. The TV shows of the era also reflected the morals of the society. I Love Lucy was a favorite of every teen of the time. Shows like Roy Rogers, Lassie, and Davy Crockett showed that the guys who did the right thing always won. The morals of the 1950's teenager are greatly higher than today's teens' morals.

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