Role Models

Topics: Nike, Inc., Michael Jordan Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: April 1, 2007
By definition, a role model is one whose behavior, example, or success is emulated by others. Today, athletes and other sport stars are looked up to by people of all ages. Everyone loves them, they appear on television with the entire world watching. Athletes are known for their wealth, talent, and fame. We admire them as our leaders with their determination and confidence. No wonder we always make heroes out of favorite athletes. They are seen as role models because they can do what we cannot. Today, athletes are known for wealth, privilege, and fame, because of their talent, salary, and positions as leaders, it’s inevitable that we admire them. We can learn quite a lot from role models like determination and confidence because we try to be like them, you have to love a sport in order to do it well. Michael Jordan, a man who seems to be without a weakness, makes a great role model for youths and adults. He shows that he is also a great person off the court by the way he has given his money to charities and has dealt with the difficulties in his life. This is a person who is looked up to and admired by people everywhere. Michael Jordan is a role model, just as all athletes in the spotlight. When people become professional athletes or any kind of athlete that is brought into the public eye, they become a role model. A role model can set good examples by being educated, having good morals, and by staying drug free; or they can set bad examples by doing the complete opposites of these actions. As role models it is important that athletes show the youth of today the importance of getting an education.

Michael Jordan was an athlete seen all over the world on prime time television and stole the hearts of every sports lover in the world. Not only did Michael Jordan change American culture, but changed the cultures many other countries through out the globe. Using his endorsements, the big screen, and commercial advertisement, Michael Jordan created a new...
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