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Role Model

By lainvalenajr Mar 10, 2011 510 Words
Tabangin 1
Tabangin Alain
Mr. Lopez
English 10 ACC
March 10th, 2011
Role Model
From the day we where all born we watched and observed everything on front of us. We watched our family, classmates, television, Internet and everybody around us. Role models have a great affect in our society. A role model must have the ability to show leadership, planned out ideas, and able to make a difference in the society. Role models have a dramatic affect on future generation of young minds. The influences of a role models have on young people are great. The most important part of being a role model is to be positive and responsible show good moral standing because young people are relying on role models today.

A role model must posses the ability to show leadership. Role models showing leadership will greatly influence young peoples mind by showing them positive things. For example role models in school like the upperclassmen will show leadership to their fellow underclassmen by leading them to the right decisions to showing them strategy to accomplish their goal of succeeding in school or they could lead them to be the future role models for the next generation of students. In other words role models that show leadership will lead to positive influence. Another similar example of how role models show leadership is teachers. Teachers teach students to become productive in their studies by teaching students what they have learned in the past. When teachers teach students Tabangin 2

about their own knowledge the help students become better and smarter. In other words teachers show leadership by teaching students the information the have learned and this leads to positive influence. A role model must posses an ability to plan out ideas. Role models that plan out ideas are able to show young people the importance of being able to think and understand. For example parents are great at showing the ability to plan out ideas by planning ahead for their children future, going out for dinner with the family, or even a walk in the park. When parents plan out this kind of ideas and put it to action, it will greatly influence their children to become good kids. In other words role models that plan out ideas are able to create an environment where young people are able to obtain positive influence through their ideas.

A role model must have the ability to make a difference in society. Role models that make a difference in society even if it is small it still shows young people that every good thing you do makes a difference in everybody’s life. For example students that volunteer in children’s hospital to help out the children because they want to in the kindness of their hearts, just to make them smile by reading a book. Making a child smile because of a kind act makes great difference in society. Once those children see their kindness of a role model they too want to be like that and shows positive influence.

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