Role Model

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 3 (602 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Baboucarr Oliver 9/17/011

One of the greatest figures I looked up to as a kid and still do is my father. He was a hardworking and a courageous guy, which never back down from anything. Growing up as a kid my father was very tuff and harsh on me. He greatly influenced me on everything I did, such as school work, sport teams and also daily house chores. His actions made me feel he had something against me, which maintained me to be more focused and determined. This also prepared me as I matured as a young adult. I started to understand why he was so hard on me. As time went on everything I did I put my all into. My father grew up in a small country name Banjul located in Gambia. A small country located in western Africa. At the age eight he lost a great figure in his life which was his father. As a kid growing up without his dad he had to become the man of the house hold being one of the oldest brothers in the family. Growing up with three brothers and three sisters was hard but he had to do a job and take care of his younger siblings and his strong hearted mother. It was very hard for his mother to take care of six children all by herself with little assistants from other family members. My dad had a lot of courage helping his mom taking care of the family, which put a big influence in my life. Me seeing him struggle by putting food on the table and providing shelter for his own family made me want to be just like him. My father always told me and my siblings stories that impacted us is many ways. Some of the stories had us scared and some of the stories were very heartwarming, but there would always be lessons to be learned from the stories. His most inspirational attribute was his courage. There are many different types of courage he but the type of courage he taught me and my siblings were mental and somewhat physical. Those lessons I was taught played a huge impact in my...
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