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Role models who others imitate, emulate or look to for guidance. There are good role models who inspire greatness in others and bad role models of what we call a "bad influence." There are even anti-role models, pegged by the media as "bad girls" or "bad boy" is a good example of what NOT to do if you want to be successful, respected.

Every parent wants their children to have positive role models who have characteristics that inspire them to want to be (and become) their best. While there is some variation in the definition of each of the parents about what it means to be a good person, the following 7 characteristics remain constant.

Positive role models;

(1) Model positive choice-making: the little eyes are watching and little ears listen. When it comes to being an example, you should be aware that the choices you make not only affect you, but also children who regard you as their superhero. One day, they will be in the same predicament and think to themselves, "What did s / he do when s / he is in a similar situation?" For example, you cannot just "talk the talk" and tell others to make good choices. You have to put them into action alone.

(2) Think aloud: When you have difficult choices to make, allow children to see how you work through the issues, weigh the pros and cons, and make decisions. The process of making good decisions is a skill. A good role model not only will show the child the best decision, but also how they arrived at that conclusion. That way, children will be able to follow the reasoning that when they are in the same situation.

(3) Apologize and admit mistakes: Nobody is perfect. When you make a bad choice, let those who watch and learn from you know that you made a mistake and how you plan to fix it. This will help them to understand that (a) everyone makes mistakes, (b) it is not the end of the world, (c) you can make it right, and (d) You need to take care of and directly responsible. By apologizing, admitting your...
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