Role Himeros Played in the Story of Cupid and Psyche and Orpheus and Eurydice

Topics: Orpheus, Greek mythology, Fairy tale Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: October 15, 2008
The stories of Cupid and Psyche and Orpheus and Eurydice are two of the most powerful love stories in Greek mythology. They include many of the qualities unique to a well crafted fairytales while remaining realistic and rational. Though they are two different tales, they have similar elements and depict parallel portrayals on different aspects of love. One of the most important correlations between the story of Cupid and Psyche and that of Orpheus and Eurydice is the role Himeros, the god of longing love, played in both of them. Longing love was the reason for many of the characters’ actions. Psyche longed to know her husband’s true nature and character, while Orpheus longed for Eurydice’s companionship after her death. Due to this longing, a persistent diligence to find a solution that would overcome these obstacles arose within Psyche and Orpheus. Though well-meant, it is this same diligence that later led to numerous problems. Another important aspect of longing love discussed in the stories of Cupid and Psyche and Orpheus and Eurydice is the importance of trust in a relationship. The lack of such a significant characteristic in a relationship can be quite costly. This trait is effectively illustrated in the story of Cupid and Psyche and Orpheus and Eurydice Psyche, against her husband’s cautions, attempted to uncover his true nature and loses his trust during the process. Orpheus, after descending into the underworld and regaining his wife, failed to trust that she was trailing behind him and turned around before she had completely emerged from the cavern that led down to the underworld. He wound up losing her forever for he could not bear to wait a moment longer to see her face. Another characteristic of longing love that can be derived from these two accounts is its endurance through trials. This very quality of longing love is what motivated Psyche to tolerate Venus’ perilous tasks. She understood that all the suffering she underwent was a symbol of her...
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